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Key Statistics on Financial Inclusion in India: A Survey
(Percent) India World
Share with an account at a formal financial institution All adults 35 50
Poorest income quintile 21 38
Women 26 47
Adults saving in the past year Using a formal account 12 22
Using a community-based method 3 5
Adults originating a new loan in the past year From a formal financial institution 8 9
From family or friends 20 23
Adults with a credit card 2 15
Adults with an outstanding mortgage 2 7
Adults paying personally for health insurance 7 17
Adults using mobile money in the past year 4 7

Source: Asli Demirguc - Kunt and Klapper, L. (2012): ‘Measuring Financial Inclusion’, Policy Research Working Paper, 6025, World Bank, April, RBI Annual Report 2011-12